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We have created a community for people who love racing and cars - the VRL (Vintage Racing League, Inc.) [1].
This is our Call to Action - please join us in building a Global Museum of Automotive History (GMAH).

Since 1895, the world has loved racing and cars. Multiple generations have owned collector cars and have great passion for every aspect of automotive ownership and competition.
Unfortunately, as our older generation passes on, their automotive treasures, histories, photographs and memorabilia are being thrown away and discarded.

The VRL is the leading community for people who love racing and cars and we are uniquely using the community to curate the content used to build the GMAH.
The VRL has three primary objectives:
- Help our members find other individuals that share the same granular passions
- Help our members save time and money as they pursue their collector car and individual racing passions
- Provide them with multiple sources of the latest news about their passion

We are connecting all the individual GMAH records in the archive to corresponding Groups in the VRL community. Our objective is to create a permanent record of all aspects of every car's history - and connect interested parties with each other via our unique community groups (see: [2]).

In addition to creating the global museum of automotive history, the VRL's primary objectives for the GMAH include:
- Organization and easy navigation to all components of automotive and motor sports history
- Creation of a level playing field for all classes of Vintage and Historic Motor sports
- Curate the content from the community to the archive to ensure data and content integrity.
- Identification and appointment of Car Marque Ambassadors for each of the 3,000+ Car Marques since 1895.

Use the navigation guide to find specific information, by catagory.
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